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Plagiarism and Cheating  
The Oxford English Dictionary says plagiarism means "to take and use as one's own the thoughts, writings, or inventions of another."  Put another way, plagiarism is taking someone else's ideas, words, pictures or writing, whether or not they have been published or not, and attempting to pass them off as your own.  This may be done through purchasing a paper, or copying from the internet, a book, or another student's paper.  Plagiarism is illegal and unethical.   It is invasion and theft.  Reflect on how it would feel if a person walked into your home, stole your best clothes, went to school wearing them, and claimed that they really belonged to him/her.   Cheating in general can be participation in plagiarism, use of any prohibited source during a test or assignment (including fellow students), or any other act of dishonesty that creates an unfair advantage.

In today's world, technology makes plagiarism very easy, but teachers also have technology to catch plagiarism.  Do not test this system!  Plagiarism is  a serious offense and it will not be tolerated.  Any paper found to be plagiarized, in any way, will receive a zero and administration and parents will be informed of the cheating.  In the case of cheating with another student, the discipline will also extend to the student who is providing the answers or help.  I am very vigilant and concerned about cheating, and I monitor tests closely.  Do not test me - the results will not be worth the risk.  

The following sites offer excellent information on plagiarism:

for junior grades:





for senior grades:   



                                           Here's another test on plagiarism:
The Importance of Grammar and Punctuation  (Adapted from The University of Bristol - Faculty of Arts)
Students continually question why they have to learn grammar and puncutation in this day and age as they have unlimited access to technology that can "check" their work.   There are numerous answers I give students, but they can be summarized into three main reasons:
1.  Grammar checkers on computers are not perfect or foolproof.  Sometimes they attempt to correct things that are perfectly correct; other times, they miss glaring errors. Unlike the author, they are totally unconcerned with the meaning of the sentence and are simply following a predefined set of rules. While I am not saying they are not useful, and one should not use them at all, relying on them can be dangerous.  I have handed out course materials with mistakes - despite the meticulous use of grammar and spell-checkers!
2.  Poor grammar and punctuation will cause you to lose marks, plain and simple, and not just in English class.   Good grammar and proper punctuation will not only improve your marks, but also make your arguments more persuasive and interesting.  
3.   Almost all employers view effective written communication as a highly desirable skill. It is also a skill that many potential candidates lack; improving your understanding of grammar and punctuation could help you into the career of your choice. Once in your job, you will almost certainly be engaging with the written word in some way.  Clearly-written, grammatically-correct, properly-punctuated reports are likely to catch your manager's eye for the right reasons.

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Students are expected to let me know when they are having difficulty or do not understand something we are covering in class.  From my perspective, if there are no questions, I have to assume you understand what is being taught.

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