Grade 11 Homework

Please double-check the google classroom for your homework!​

Monday, April 29
  • We began a lesson on subject-verbĀ  agreement
  • There was tme to review terms list #4
  • We did a Survivor game that reviewed chapters 1-6 - the quiz is on Wednesday

Wednesday, May 01
  • If you are excused, be prepared to make up the 1-6 quiz
  • We began our outlines for the compare contrast essay (2 people for a specific purpose)
  • Students had time to read chapters 7 and 8 and start on the assingment

Friday, May 03
  • Students had time to review the terms again, and a full work block for LOTF reading, questions, and general catch up work
  • We did a Survivor ChallengeĀ  - the Parachuters!

Tuesday, May 07
  • We had a little time to review for the terms test next class, a Survivor Challenge, and time to type up the essays in the lab

Thursday, May 09
  • If you are excused, be prepared to make up the terms test
  • There was more reveiw and work on subject verb agreement
  • We reveiwed and discussed chapters 7-8 and moved into chapter 9
  • There was time in the lab to work on essays - they are due next class

Tuesday, May 14
  • There was time to begin studying terms list #5 - test is the 29th
  • We completed a practice quiz on subject verb agreement - quiz is next week
  • There was a lesson on symbolism in class, and then students received an assignment, but we will be working on it the next two classes so it is not due
  • There was time in the lab to finish the essays which were due today.