Tuesday, April 30
  • If you are excused, be prepared to write the 1-4 quiz
  • There was lots of time in class to catch up on missing assignment associated with the first four chapters
  • We also continued to work on the Acrostic name poems,
  • Students need to read at least half of chapter 5

Thursday, May 02
  • There was practice on verbs and adverbs - there will be a quiz on Monday the 6th
  • We began rough work on a descriptive paragraph (a setting from the first 5 chapters of the novel)
  • We continued to work in our booklets and read through chapters 5-6 of the novel

Monday, May 06
  • If you are excused, be prepared to make up the verb-adverb quiz
  • There was time to work on the vocab and workbook for chapters 5-8.  At this time, pages 2,3,4,7,8,17 and 18 should be done.
  • We began work on conjunctions and then went to the lab to work on the descriptive paragraphs.

Wednesday, May 08
  • Students reveiwed their tests and got a second chance on the verb-adverb quiz
  • We began working on found poems, using pages from our novels to build poems
  • There was time to work on the vocabulary and workbook pages in our 5-8 workbooks
  • We had time in the lab to complete descriptive paragraphs and work on the poems

Friday, May 10
  • We learned about form in poetry and will apply the concepts to our found poems
  • Students should be in chapter 7 of the novel and keeping up with chapter questions and workbook pages
  • There was time in the lab to publish the two poems (one found and one from back of the handout) and finish any late work

Monday, May 13
  • There was a lesson on prepositions and interjections
  • There was time to study the vocab for the test on Wednesday (The Outsiders 5-8)
  • We went over the expectations for the chapter questions and workbook
  • Therre was time in the lab to type up the chapter questions, finish late paragraphs and poems, and begin list poems

Tuesday, May 21
  • Students began reviewing all 8 parts of speech for the unit final test next week
  • We took notes on several poetic devices and began practicing recognizing and using them
  • There was time in class to catch up on late paragraphs, poems, questions, and other work - as well as to start into chapter 9