Romeo and Juliet   Opinionnaire

Rank the following statements from 1-5 where 1 equals strong disagreement and 5 equals strong agreement.  

_____  1. The punishment for murder should be death.

_____  2.  Our lives are governed by fate, and it is impossible to escape our destiny

_____  3. Teenagers can’t be truly in love or experience "true love".

_____  4. Revenge is best when the intended victim knows who did it to them.

_____  5. Good friends should stick together at all times no matter how wrong a friend may be.

_____  6. Parents have a right to approve of their child’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

_____  7.  Parents should make the decisions about their children’s lives.

_____  8.  It is possible to fall in love at first sight.

_____  9.  You should know someone for at least a year before marrying them

_____  10.  Telling lies or hiding the truth is acceptable for the right reasons.

_____  11. Family feuds only affect adults.

_____  12.  There are times when arranged marriage is appropriate.