THE  WAVE   by Todd Strasser
In this course, we will study Strasser's The Wave.  All of the unit assignments are here, as well as many helpful links.
Background Knowledge

* Original Story: The Third Wave by Ron Jones

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Chapters 1-6

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Chapters 7-12
Chapters 13-18
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Final Project
Todd Strasser was commisoned to write this novella after a one-hour dramatization of the Wave aired on ABC as an After School Special in 1981.  Todd Strasser wrote the novella under the pseudonym Morton Rhue, and he wrote this fictional accout on Ron JOnes' experience without ever having spoken to Ron Jones or any of the studetns involved.  

Ron Jones has complained that the novella is over-romanticized.  "The idea that a couple of teenage lovebirds could effectively change facism," he wrote, "was not true in my classroom, and it is not true historically."

Todd Strasser had this to say.: "The Wave is loosely based on an essay by Ron Jones that appeared in a Whole Earth Review Catalogue some time in the early 1970's.  I have never met Mr. Jones.  I have been told he is the teacher who did the experiment upon which the book and the TV movie are based.  To be honest, I have always wondered if the real life experiment conducted by Mr. Jones actually went as far as his essay alleges.  At the same time, I firmly believe that whether it did or did not is entirely besdies the point.  The point is the message of the story, which serves both as a reminder of what has passed and a warning regarding the future."